From time to time the Institute organize seminar, workshop and conference to focus tribal issues, tribal arts and crafts etc.. So far 34 seminar/workshop/conferences have been organized by the institute.

In the year 2006 February Institute organized a NATIONAL WORKSHOP OF TRIBAL RESEARCH AND TRAINING INSTITUTE about all the TRTI participated in the workshop.

No.Name Year Language
1.Seminar on Role of Research in Tribal Development.
(Feb. 24-26 1979)
811979Tribal Research & Training Inst.English Gujarati
2.Conference of Social Welfare Workers821979Tribal Research & Training Inst.English Gujarati
3.Seminar on Development of Panchmahals district831979Tribal Research & Training Inst.English Gujarati
4.National Seminar on Voluntary Efforts in Tribal Development (October 13/14. 1979)1011981Tribal Research & Training Inst.English Gujarati
5.Tribal Research in Gujarat1021981Tribal Research & Training Inst.English Gujarati
6.Seminr on Development of Dharampur taluka841981Tribal Research & Training Inst.English Gujarati
7.Seminar on Adivasi's Children1121981Tribal Research & Training Inst.Gujarati
8.Seminar on Development of Dangs district1031982Tribal Research & Training Inst.Gujarati
9.Seminar on Development of Sabarkantha district1111982Tribal Research & Training Inst.Gujarati
10.Tribal & Prohibition (22-23, January 1983) & Training Inst.1831983Tribal Research & Training Inst.Gujarati
11.Problems of Urban Tribals
(21 January, 1984)
1841985Tribal Research & Training Inst.Gujarati
12.Seminar on Problems of dispersed tribals (Kutch district)2251987Tribal Research & Training Inst.Gujarati
13.Seminar on Planning of Pocket Tribal Areas in the State. (18th November, 1986)2281987Tribal Research & Training Inst.Gujarati
14.Seminar on Education Among the Halpatis of South Gujarat. *Sponsored by ITDP Vansda)2291987Tribal Research & Training Inst.Gujarati
15.Poverty Alleviation through Khadi & Village Industries. x2491988Dr. Naik T.B.
Dr. Masavi Mustali
16.Report on Regional Level Training Course for Juvenile Justice functionnaries.2401988Lal R.BEnglish
17.Tribal Development past & future strategies in eight plan : Seminar 4-5 March,240/11992Tribal Research & Training Inst.Paper file
18.Seminar on Development of dispersed tribals.240/292-93Tribal Research & Training Inst.Paper file
19.Seminar on Tribal Development.240/31996Tribal Research & Training Inst. Tribal Research & Training Inst.Paper file
20 Development of Western Indian Tribals240/41997Tribal Research & Training Inst.Paper file
21.Half century of Independent & Tribals of Gujarat240/51997Tribal Research & Training Inst.Paper file
22.Role of Water in Indian Cultural240/61998T.G. Tribal Research & Training Inst.Paper file
23."Van Jagurati Shibir"240/71998Tribal Research & Training Inst. & Abhapur Vruksha Uchher file
24."Management of Ashram Schools in tribal areas".240/81999-2000Tribal Research & Training Inst.Paper file
25."Tribal's and natural farming".240/92001Tribal Research & Training Inst.Paper file
26."Indiginious People and Development, International work shop" 22-23-24 Feb., 2002.240/102002Tribal Research & Training Inst. & Equity & Development Department.Paper file
27.Adivasi Vikas Prashno & Padkaro-2004Tribal Research & Training Inst. & Equity & Development Department.Paper file
28.Sucharu Shasan & Mulnisth Rajkaran-2005Tribal Research & Training Inst. & Equity & Development Department.Gujarati
29.A sumposium was organised with the Management of voluntary organisations working in tribal areas on tribal living and development 4-2-6-2006Tribal Research & Training Inst. & Equity & Development Department.Gujarati
30.A Two-day National levelworkshop on "Research & Training Agenda for Tribal Research & Training Institute" 10-11 Feb. 2006-2006Tribal Research & Training Inst. & Equity & Development Department.Gujarati
31.Tribal Arts Activities470/12007TRTIGujarati
32.Seminar on Development of P.T.G.470/22007TRTIGujarati
33.A one day programme on FRA470/32010TRTIGujarati
34.A one day Programme on Tribal Development Budget470/42010TRTIGujarati
35.A Seminar on Education among the tribals470/52011TRTIGujarati
36.A Saminar on Ashramshala Scheme.470/62011TRTIGujarati
37.Ashram School Problems & solution470/72011TRTIGujarati
38.One-day programme on Research Report writting470/82011TRTIGujarati
39.A Saminar on Twelth fiveyears programme for tribals470/92011TRTIGujarati
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