The Tribal Research & Training Institute, Ahmedabad was established on 1962. The institute does research on tribal communities of the state. There are 25 tribes (earlier 30 communities) including five primitive tribes in Gujarat state. The institute is the part of The Gujarat Vidyapith, (Deemed University) last 1962 to Sep-2020. present now GTRTS is working in Birsa Munda Bhavan Gandhinagar.

The institute works as support to the Tribal Development Department, Government of Gujarat, Gandhinagar. The institute works to provide necessary information about urgent problems of tribes through survey and research. It collects data from the field, analyze, and prepare report. The institute also makes suggestions to the administrative department after organizing seminar to discuss the relevant proposals.

The Museum of the Institute is a great attraction to students, families, tourists from the country and foreign countries particularly U.K., France, USA and other countries. The museum has life sized models, their, huts and artifacts.

The Institute is headed by the Executive Director. The Executive Director and the staff belong to the academic branch. Though the faculty of the Institute is small but have keen interest in tribal life and their changing patterns.

The Institute provides required information to interested societies and individuals. The state has 14.76 % tribal population spread in 26 districts.

Spread Across
25 Tribes
41 Publications
15 + Research Studies
Survey of 100 Tribal Villages
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